Established in 2004, Jester Pictures has been providing the Hudson Valley with high-end video production and post-production services. Ranging from event videography to scripted music videos and films, we’ve always enjoyed taking on new projects that push our creativity and broaden our own experiences.

Starting in the days of DV and early HD High-Definition, we’ve taken pride in staying on the cutting edge of the industry. Now, with the emergence of 4k and the pioneering initiatives of RED, we can say that were ahead of the game, providing the area with one of the few 4k capable systems available to the Hudson Valley.

As we continue to grow in experience and with the latest technology, we look forward to taking on new and interesting projects that can push us in achieving the highest levels of digital video and cinema offered today, as well as make it viable for all to see, well into the future.

About Jester Pictures
Meet the Team
Jarek Zabczynski - Creative Director, Editor, Cinematographer
Eli Wells - Lighting Designer, Shooter
Dana DiGilio - Editor, Shooter
Joni Falvey - Project Manager, Public Relations

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