“We’ll Be Alright” takes us on a journey across space, time and other worlds. Set in a not too distant post apocalyptic future, Theory sets to embark on an adventure to reunite himself with the girl of his dreams. As Theory prepares for his voyage, we travel to the other side and back, as well think back to the past before disaster struck.  A futuristic love story filled with mystery, suspense and a little bit of danger.

"We’ll Be Alright” marks the first project to be filmed on Poughkeepsie’s Railroad Bridge, now turned “Walkway Over the Hudson,” the longest and highest pedestrian walkway in the world.
"We'll Be Alright" by Theory
Recent winner of "BEST MUSIC VIDEO" at the "Nevada", "Las Vegas" and "Garden State" Film Festivals!
"Outer Space" by Steffy de Cicco and Adax Feat. Theory and Dayna Hollins
France and the US come together to ignite the energy & fan the flames of the communal experience of worldwide club music. This combination of electro/hop, DJ/producers, singer/songwriter & Pop/hip-hop/R&B Rap artist take you on a pulsating ride through the lavish world of both monetary and emotional wealth.

A Headphone ready jet setting ride through an augmented reality of the worlds riches to the beat of your true love’s heart . . .

"Single Drop of You" by Adam Pascal and Larry Edoff

A modern day fairy tale where two people meet and almost magically fall in love in an altogether too perfect fashion. We follow a man setting out on an adventure in an attempt to start a new life, or simply take a break from his current one. He meets a young girl and instantly falls in love with her. In this perfect world she instantly falls for him as well and decides to take a chance and leave her life behind to see where this stranger might take her. They drive off into the distance and over time, develop a bond which render them inseparable. Love, chance, fun, fear, and relief make up this story as musically narrated by the talents of Adam Pascal and Larry Edoff.

"Change" by Theory

You ever think to yourself and say that you need change? Tired of everything being the same? You need to look in the mirror and realize it starts with you. Only you can make that change.

“Change” deals with struggles of everyday life alongside the struggles of an artist trying to break into the industry. Shot in the Hudson Valley of New York, we follow the lives of three strangers and their loved ones, all looking for changes in their lives. The artist, THEORY, narrates their stories while injecting his own personal experiences and emotions throughout his musical career.

"One Song Glory" by Adam Pascal

Adam Pascal performs "One Song Glory" from RENT at the Huntington Theater in Boston, MA alongside Larry Edoff and Joel Rosenblatt.

Filmed by Jarek Zabczynski, Dana Digilio, and Eli Wells.

"What I Did For Love" by Adam Pascal

Adam Pascal performs "What I Did For Love" from A Chorus Line at the Huntington Theater in Boston, MA alongside Larry Edoff and Joel Rosenblatt.

Filmed by Jarek Zabczynski, Dana Digilio, and Eli Wells.

That one night that never leaves you, you can feel it in the air, you know it's now or never, it's out of this world, it’s Outer Space!

Featuring the talents of NY natives Theory and Dayna Hollins on top of Italy’s production duo Adax & stefy de cicco.

Outer Space is a mystical, moonlit joyride though the streets of the City of Angels that keeps your spirits alive and heart in check!

"Millionaire" by KitSch 2.0 Feat. Theory and Luke Aster
"Incredible" by Steffy de Cicco and Adax Feat. Dayna Hollins

What's beautiful on the outside isn't always the case. Film on location in Torino, Italy, "Incredible" gives you an eye opening glimpse at the other side of the coin you may not always be able to see.

Featuring the powerful performances of
Eva Squillari and Paolo Giustetto.

"Bajo el Sol" by Monique Feat. Theory
"Fallin" by Us Commoners
"Long Road Back Around" by Us Commoners
"Still In Love With You" by Izrael Muran
"Heard of Me" by Theory
Cheryl Brehm - Modeling Profile
Cheryl Brehm

Contagious - 5th Gen
Written by Theory
Produced by simone ermacora
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