RED Weapon 8k and accessories
• Red Helium Weapon 8k
• Titanium PL Mount
• Aluminum Canon EF Mount
• RED Touch 7" LCD Screen
• Blackmagic EVF
• 2x 512GB MiniMags 2x 240GB MiniMags
• Top Plate and Top Handle
• Red Pro V-Mount Battery Plate
• 8x V-Mount Battery Batteries
• RED Tactical Assault Plate
• RED STATION USB3.0 - SSD Card Reader
• Secced Reach 3 Video Head & Tripod
• Bright Tangerine VIV Mattebox
• Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom Mattebox
• Firecrest ND Filter Kit
• O'Connor Follow Focus w/whip
• Portkeys HD 7" LCD Monitor w/HDSDI
• Wooden Camera XLR Audio Adapter
• Sigma Cine PL 20mm Prime Lens
• Sigma Cine PL 24mm Prime Lens
• Sigma Cine PL 35mm Prime Lens
• Sigma Cine PL 50mm Prime Lens
• Sigma Cine PL 85mm Prime Lens
• Tokina 11-20mm PL Mount

*Addional Lenses available upon request.

Not all accessories shown / subject to change
Panasonic CX-350 Packages:
• 2x Panasonic CX-350 UHD / 4K Camcorder
• 4x Pansonic Batteries and Charger
• 6x 64GB Panasonix P2 Card
• Varizoom Wired Zoom/Iris Controller
• Manfrotto 516 Pro Video Head & Tripod
• Small HD 5.6" LCD Monitor w/HDSDI
Additional Support Gear:
• Manfrotto 516 Pro Video Head & Tripod
• Zacuto Baseplate and Rails
• Chrosziel Mattebox and Filter Kit
• Dykortek Advantajib-Lite Pan/Tilt Jib
• Dana Dolly and 9+ feet of Track
• eMotimo Motion Control Kit for Dana Dolly
• Mini-Skateboard Dolly and Track
• Car Mount System
• Custom ET Mantis/RED Shouldermount Rig
• 2x Apple Box Sets
Lighting Gear:
• 3x 650w Fresnels with Scrims, Barndoors and Stands
• 2x 150w Fresnels with Scrims, Barndoors and Stands
• 1000w Softbox with Diffusers and Stand
• 2x Half Power dimmers
• Assorted Gels and accessories
• Extension Cords and Floor Stands
• Programmable Dimmer and Flicker Generator
• Arri Travel Case
Arri Lighting Kit:
Kino Flo Gaffer Lighting Kit:
• 2x 4ft 4Bank Fixture
• 2x 4Bank Select Ballast
• 2x MTP-B41 Mount w/ Baby Receiver (16mm)
• 2x Extension, 25ft
• 2x Lamp Case
• 1x Gaffer Ship Case
• Avenger C-Stands
Kino Flo Diva-Lite 401 Kit:
• Diva-Lite 401 Dimming Fixture
• Flozier Diffuser
• Removable Lamp Case
• Travel Case.
• Avenger C-Stand
Post-Production Gear and Software:
• Mac Pro with RAID Storage
• Apple Final Cut Pro 7
• Adobe Creative Cloud with Premiere and After Effects
• DVD Studio Pro
• DaVinvci Resolve
• RED-Cine X Pro
• ProTools LE with MBoxPro2
Post-Production Services:
• Video Editing (HD, SD, 4k)
• Color Correction and Color Grading
• Compositing and Special Effects
• Motion Graphics and Animation
• DVD and Blu-ray Disc Authoring
Audio Gear:
• Shure SM-89 Shotgun Microphone
• Boom Pole
• 2x Rodelink Wireless Lavs
• 2x Sennheisser G3 Wireless Lavs
• 2ch Phantom Power Supply
• Zoom F8 8ch Field Recorder
• Mackie 1202 VLZ-Pro Audio Mixer
• 4x Crown PCC 160 Boundary Mics
• RT Motion Wireless Follow Focus Package
• Vaxis Storm 1200FT Wireless Video w/ dual receivers
• Macbook Pro Laptop for Media Transfer / DIT
• Custom ET Mantis/RED Shouldermount Rig
• Rode NTG2 Shotgun Microphone
• Boom Pole
Additional Equipment:
F&V LED Lighting Kit:
• 3x 1x1FT LED Panesl (V-mount Compatible)
• Light Case
2000w Openface with C Stand
Panasonic GH5 Packages:
• Panasonic GH5 Mirrorless 4k DSLR
• 6x Pansonic Batteries and Charger
• 4x 64GB Sandisk SD Card
• USB Card Reader
• Metabones Speedbooster w/Canon Mount
• Manfrotto 516 Pro Video Head & Tripod

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